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Healing Services

Healing was at the centre of Jesus' ministry on earth and is at the heart of the Church's calling today. It also reflects Jesus' concern and love for the whole person, which may manifest in a recovery from disease or may result in healing our relationship with an illness, disability or aspect of our life we are unhappy with. Healing addresses the personal and communal so the prayer can be for ourselves, for another in need or for a situation in the world outside. Either way our prayer is that you will experience something of Christ's healing touch.


A short service of Holy Communion with prayers for healing and the laying on of hands.

Every Wednesday at 1.10pm in the Church.Click here to view this week's service.

The Church building is now open for private prayer.

Visit Virtual Church to view other services.

If you would like someone to talk to or to pray with you over the phone, please contact The Revd Katy Hacker Hughes at [email protected] to arrange a call. Or use the contact form to send prayer requests by email

Choral Evening Prayer

Evening Prayer with sermon and Prayers for Healing
Every first Sunday of the month at 6pm

Next 4th October 2020

Past Sermons

August 19, 2020
The Revd Katy Hacker Hughes

There‚Äôs been quite a bit in the news recently about recent and upcoming elections. The Presidential race has begun in the USA; a very new kind of process. Gone are the huge arenas with fluttering flags, pumping rock music and tickertape. And alarming things have been happening in Belarus. Allegations of poll rigging, fraud, brutality… Read more »

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