Deep underground, in what was once the crypt of St Marylebone Parish Church, is a safe, enclosed area of calm, away from the hustle and bustle of the London streets above. This is where the Healing and Counselling Centre is located.

Originally established in 1987, not long after the crypt was cleared of coffins, the Centre re-opened in its present form in 2000. The church’s vision was for St Marylebone to be a place which would bring together different practices – spiritual, psychological and physical – in a common quest for healing and wholeness.

So what exactly goes on here today?

The Centre offers a number of approaches to healing: psychodynamic counselling and analytical psychotherapy, (once a week for up to two years), with other therapeutic models available as appropriate, spiritual direction, a mental health support group and healing prayer. Whilst at first sight these may seem to have little in common, they share the belief that healing involves more than simply ‘making better’ – it is an ongoing process.

All our counsellors, psychotherapists and spiritual directors have received recognised training and subscribe to a professional code of ethics. Our aim is to help individuals and couples to grow in relationship to themselves, to others and to God, by working through difficulties in a holding environment. All the members of our team are Christians.

The Centre is sponsored by St Marylebone Parish Church and has also had in the past generous support from the Henry Smith Charity and the Guild of Health.