Latest News

Lockdown in March meant that we moved all our provision online and we are now able to offer therapy sessions online, either until face-to-face work can resume, or for the entire period of therapy.

It has also allowed us to reach clients who would not otherwise be able to reach Central London.

We have expanded our team of fully qualified therapists and sessions are available.

All new applications are welcome. Click here for an application form. 


Once there was some lifting of restrictions in mid-2020, thorough risk assessments revealed that our premises would only allow a restricted amount of face-to-face work under government guidelines.

The safety of our clients and therapists is paramount and we currently have one Covid-safe consulting room where a few therapy sessions are taking place.

We are, however, dedicated to returning to providing more therapy in person and are very excited to have been awarded a grant of £80,000 from the Cultural Recovery Fund.

This will help us to reshape our consulting rooms and upgrade ventilation so that the spaces are safe for working in this new Covid world and into the future.


Sadly, it has not yet been possible to resume meetings of the “Making Sense” group, but discussions are ongoing as to how this might look in the future.




We have begun a pilot scheme of online group therapy for students and young people. This is aimed at those young clients who may not need the full two years of individual therapy that we normally offer.

Clients apply for an initial consultation as usual and if appropriate, this scheme will be discussed during the consultation.

A short number of individual sessions will be followed by a period of group therapy (a small group of 4-5 people). If this proves successful we hope to launch this as a rolling programme.

Other areas of group therapy remain under consideration as we continue to explore ways in which we can expand our provision of accessible and affordable therapy.


St Marylebone HCC also continues to work alongside The Church of England in undertaking psychotherapeutic assessments (now mostly online) for some of those exploring a vocation for ordination and providing a telephone support service for Diocesan Directors of Ordinands nationwide.