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Suzanne Hyde

Director of Clinical Services

I am delighted to have been appointed Director of Clinical Services for St Marylebone Healing and Counselling Centre.

I have known of St Marylebone and the Centre for many years. In my late twenties–mid-thirties, I worked for The Industrial Society, a campaigning charity, based just down the road in Bryanston Square, and attended yoga classes at the Centre. After ten years of working there, in a series of roles: press officer, editor, managing editor, and finally, as Head of Communications, I left to bring up my three children.

My interest in the psychotherapy world arose initially from my first job, post-degree, working as a secretary for the Westminster Pastoral Foundation (WPF). Also, inspired by my degree in Theology [from the then London Bible College], I had long nurtured a desire to train as a counsellor, which I was then able to pursue at an affiliate of WPF in St Albans, whilst juggling motherhood and freelance journalism.

This training re-ignited a deep passion that had been dormant in me. In my early twenties I had been given the Scripture from Isaiah … ‘He has anointed you to bring good news to the afflicted ..bind up the brokenhearted…proclaim liberty to the captives…and freedom to the prisoners… and comfort to those who mourn.’ [paraphrase of Isaiah 61, v1,2]. For a long time I couldn’t see how these words applied to my life or work in industry. However, over the 16 years since I moved into the psychotherapy field, I have had the privilege to be alongside many psychologically wounded and distressed people and have witnessed the power of the psyche to heal and regenerate, albeit with much hard work and commitment from both sides.

In order to deepen my capacity to work alongside people with profound and complex personal needs, I went on to train as a Jungian Analyst at the Society of Analytical Psychology [SAP], near Swiss Cottage, where I am now a training analyst and an active member. Alongside my private practice in Hertfordshire , I have also worked as a bereavement counsellor and supervisor at the Watford Peace Hospice, been an assessment counsellor and seminar leader at the Counselling Foundation in St Albans and also supervise and teach at the SAP. I also keep my ‘editorial’ finger in the pie by being the Book Editor for the International Journal of Analytical Psychology.

Apart from this very rich and fulfilling professional life, which I am sure St Marylebone will expand and deepen, I have a very active social life, which mainly consists of being part of, and now Chair of, a 70-strong, award winning, Ladies A Cappella chorus, Amersham A Cappella [see us on You Tube!]. We sing at charity events, compete nationally and were even featured on the Lorraine Kelly Morning breakfast show last year.